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How to Reduce or Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss

How to Reduce or Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss

How to Reduce or Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss

Muscle loss can begin to occur in your 30s, so by the time you reach your senior years it can become quite a serious issue. Losing muscle mass and function is a natural process called sarcopenia. Around the age of 75, that muscle loss starts to happen faster.

The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent and even reserve this muscle loss which can contribute to serious medical conditions including obesity, diabetes, hormonal decline, and cardiovascular disease. Factors including diet and exercise (with an emphasis on strength training) can help avoid and reverse age-related muscle loss.

Seniors should consult their doctors before starting any exercise routine, but resistance training and strength training are the most effective treatments for sarcopenia. There are a few medications available, and hormone replacement therapy can also be helpful. Certain foods and supplements including whey protein, apples, and green tomatoes could help with the symptoms of muscle loss.

Your elderly parent will likely benefit from some assistance, whether that means transportation to their doctor’s office or getting started on a safe exercise routine. If you feel your loved one could benefit from a higher level of care, contact Elder Care Connection today for an in-home evaluation.

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