Do you need an Geriatric Evaluation?

As your loved one ages, their needs often become greater.  If you are seeing some of the following changes, it may be time for a Geriatric Evaluation.

  • Changes in managing their household; paying bills, purchasing groceries, difficulty making decisions
  • Not enough food in the house or food that is expired
  • Recent death of a spouse of support person
  • Recent diagnosis of a life threatening condition
  • Recent hospital discharge and/or visiting nurse no longer providing support
  • Loved one seems sad, lonely, isolated, anxious or confused
  • Loved one’s appearance has deteriorated (unkempt, poor hygiene or dresses inappropriately)
  • Family wants to learn care options; Home Care, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Independent Living.
  • How care can be paid for

There are countless services available, BUT how does one easily determine what they need?

Contact us, or call and speak with our Elder Care Connection Specialists.  They can arrange an in-home evaluation by our very experienced care managers, Karen Marousek R.N. CCM and/or Grace Cognetta R.N.  Karen and Grace have over 40 years of experience in the nursing and home care field.  Their experience encompass hospital care, home care, discharge planning, case management and hospice care.  

The home assessment entails an in-depth review.  During that time, the following is explored:

  • medical history
  • physical assessment
  • medication assessment
  • cognitive assessment
  • Allow family ample time for any questions 
  • Discuss financial situation which will determines how desired care can be paid for

A written assessment is provided including all the information a family needs to make an informed decision for care.