Elder Care Connection is a referral agency designed to provide families an opportunity to personally choose the caregiver they hire to care for their loved one.

Our coordinators explore each case with the nurses and suggest several caregivers that meet the family’s specific criteria. Each caregiver has a personal bio that is presented to the family, a phone or an in-person interview is encouraged to complete the selection process.

A privately hired personal caregiver is the most cost effective and efficient way to care for your loved one.

Elder Care Connection, was founded in 2006 by Karen Marousek and Grace Cognetta, Registered Nurses with over 40 years of experience. Elder Care Connection is a boutique style agency that prides itself on giving each referral the required personal touch. Karen and Grace recognize how challenging it is to navigate the process of determining the best care for their loved one. We’ll help you, we know we can.